Turn-key Cryptocurrency
Mining Systems

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End-to-End Mining Solutions

Whether you are a cryptomining veteran or entirely new to the space, our turn-key systems provide a sustainable, low risk method of investing in proven blockchain infrastructure that is powered by clean energy.

MintGreen does not offer boxes of loose components. Instead, you are provided a seamless end-to-end mining solution; from electrical upgrades, to installation and programming, our products are guaranteed to mint green. 

State-of-the-Art Products

Persistent forward thinking and breakthrough innovations are key to maintaining an edge in this widespread and fiercely competitive space.

MintGreen’s custom software, bios and scripts ensure that our systems have unmatched performance. Our high voltage systems provide maximum server efficiency, while our state-of-the-art immersion cooling options create opportunities for heat recovery for both large format cryptomining and machine learning applications.  

Modular Systems

MintGreen's commercial mining systems are scalable to the heat load requirements of the district energy project. The seamless integration of the HEMLCCK for district heating applications means ease of use and minimal switching costs. We serve "hot juice on tap".

Our home units run 8 to 16 GPUs per CPU in a stable customized Ubuntu/Linux OS environment. This reduces both overall footprint and electrical consumption while increasing component efficiency. Our typical designs include single discrete units (see CADDY) or larger 8-10 kW, four computer systems in a custom modified electrical cabinet configuration. 

Global Supply Network

Hardware supply chain demands fluctuate with cryptocurrency markets, but MintGreen's curated and established vendor network ensures that the latest gen technology is readily available to you.

We scour the globe vetting new and existing qualified hardware suppliers, iterating our supply chain to find the best products at the most economical prices. Whether you are buying low or investing in a hot market, we have the sought-after and specialized equipment you are looking for.

Large Scale Projects

Have your sights set on something bigger? If a couple of CADDYs aren't enough to quench your thirst for hash, MintGreen can commission and install 100+ kW facilities for cryptomining and modular multi-megawatt deployments designed to integrate with district energy systems.

Our vertically integrated projects are densely configured, highly efficient and our best value for those serious about minting phenomenal amounts of digital currency.