Shelter Point is an artisanal distillery located on 380 acres of seaside farmland in Oyster River, BC. Best known for taking home the gold in the World Whiskies Awards.


SPD requires large volumes of thermal energy for their mash and whisky barrel aging processes.


MintGreen’s TUMBLER is an award winning immersion Bitcoin mining vessel designed for Shelter Point’s barrel aging process.


TUMBLER is a versatile mini–Digital Boiler system and the first industry application of our technology. Fully immersed, it has the ability to deliver heat from Bitcoin mining both fluid to air or fluid to fluid (via an external heat exchanger). Producing up to 410 kBTU/hr of clean electric heating, Tumbler will prevent 10 tonnes of CO2 /yr from entering the atmosphere compared to conventional natural gas heat sources.


Its eye-catching design features a transparent, rotating mining vessel designed to reduce the convective effects within the low pressure system. With the footprint of a loading pallet and on heavy duty aluminum casters, its design is remarkably mobile for its thermal output.


Form and function, Tumbler exemplifies MintGreen product development and offers a clear taste of what lies ahead.